Motorcycle Shipping!

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Transport

Do I need to crate my motorcycle?
In most scenarios the motorcycle shipping service is a roll-on and roll-off service. You will not need to drain any fluids or do any special preparations to the motorcycle to transport. The motorcycle is loaded into the trailer and secured in place with soft straps.
My motorcycle doesn't run. Will I be charged an in-op fee?
Most shipping companies will not charge an in-op fee for a non-running bike so long as it can be easily rolled into a truck. You will want to verify your shipping company's policy prior to placing your order.

What kind of trailer will my motorcycle be transported in?

As an industry standard, motorcycles are shipped strictly in enclosed trailers. Again, this is a policy that you will want to verify with your particular shipping company prior to placing your order.
Can I transport my trike or motorcycle with a sidecar?
Absolutely. It is important however, that we have the dimensions of your trike or motorcycle with sidecar so we can accurately estimate trailer space. The drivers will need this information to ensure they have enough room when they arrive for pick up.
There will not be anyone here that knows how to ride a motorcycle. Can the driver still come to pick the motorcycle up?
This is generally not a problem. Someone will need to be present to sign off on the transport, but that person does not necessarily need to be a motorcycle rider. The drivers are experienced and in most cases are willing to take the motorcycle from your garage to load into the trailer.
Do I need to send the key with my motorcycle?
You will need to send the key with the motorcycle so that it can be moved if the driver needs to load or unload a unit that is either in front or behind it. It is also important that the driver has the key along with signed paperwork as verification that he has permission to be in possession of your motorcycle.